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The Earth Day Movement

Photo by Fateme Alaie on Unsplash

Take a listen below at my podcast about The Earth Day Movement… I talk about how social media has and can impact The Earth Day Movement, and how social media platforms can help spread awareness about the movement and encourage people to acknowledge climate change and the need to take climate action. I discuss my own personal experiences on the issue and how social media played a huge role in making me more aware of the movement and climate change. Also, I mention how Greta Thunberg, a key environmental activist in the movement, used social media to spread her message about the climate crisis by using the hashtag #FridaysForFuture, which encouraged 1.6 million students from over 120 countries to join her campaign on the climate crisis. Social media has been massive in developing the Earth Day movement and today people from all around the world participate.

Take a look below at the link to view my ClioVis timeline on The Earth Day Movement. I made 15 events that were important in The Earth Day Movement and which highlight how the movement has developed and transformed over 50 years. My events go back to the first Earth Day anniversary in 1970 where 20 million Americans protested against 150 years of industrial development. In 2020, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day which mobilised a billion people all around the world to take transformative action against climate change. Researching key events in the movement inspired me to talk about it in my podcast and add the element on how social media has and can impact The Earth Day’s mission on making people more aware of the climate crisis.

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3 thoughts on “The Earth Day Movement

  1. Hey Alice! I find your movement to be very interesting! My frist roommate at St. Mary’s, Cody Hoch, was extremely in love with environmental science and always talked to me about how he loved Earth Day. He would always tell me about some sort of activity he would go out and do to show his love and care for the environment around him. I find it troubling how Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and protection of the Earth, when science has debunked his opinions. I had no idea that in 2019, we had the hottest decade recorded. That’s insane. Do you believe that their is any way to limit the production of fossil fuels while simeoutaneously keeping our economy afloat? Beside’s the act of recycling. I agree that through the use of education on social media platforms, we can continue to try and educate society about the harmful consequences of climate change. What do you believe our world will look like for our grandchildren if the world continues to run the way it does?


  2. Hey Alice! I love that you started out your podcast episode with an overview of what the 10 minutes would be about. Earth Day is one of my favorite days to be an active viewer on social media. I enjoy scrolling through the hashtag and finding passionate and beautiful photos of our one and only Earth. I definitely think that it is necessary to be aware of our human impact on the planet and the Earth Day Movement is just one simple way that we are able to spread that awareness. My one issue with social media activism, is that often times people are very loud with words and not nearly as intentional in person. Do you have any advice in how we can encourage family and friends to be active in real life and make a difference? (138 words)


  3. Hi Alice! It has been wonderful to read your blogs throughout the semester; I appreciate that you gave a comprehensive overview of your podcast and your references. Your podcast was very clear, and the organization of events and social media connections was easy to follow. Overall it was very engaging, and you did a great job!


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