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Alice Thane is an international student at St. Mary’s University, Texas. She is currently a junior Communication Studies major. Thane has an interest in photography, media, cooking, baking and love for the game of tennis. Coming from the UK, she decided to take up the option of continuing her education in the USA, when given the opportunity to study and play tennis for the women’s team. She is passionate about her tennis and dedicated to achieving good grades.

Thane has been playing tennis since the age of 7, which has developed her competitive personality. Having attended school since the age of 5, she was given the opportunity to join a full-time tennis academy at 13. Thane leapt at the opportunity to develop her game further, whilst still achieving her academics. Through this experience and living away from home, at such a young age, she has developed organisational skills, discipline, independence and dedication.

So far, in her two years at college, Thane has achieved the President’s Honor Roll for the Fall and Spring semesters. Also, she was a part of a successful 2019 year for the women’s tennis team, where they won their seventh-straight Heartland Championship.

Thane hopes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2022 and use her skills and talents in her future career. She hopes to continue playing tennis in her free time and encourage others to take up the game that she loves.

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