The Earth Day Movement

Photo by Fateme Alaie on Unsplash Take a listen below at my podcast about The Earth Day Movement… I talk about how social media has and can impact The Earth Day Movement, and how social media platforms can help spread awareness about the movement and encourage people to acknowledge climate change and the need to take climate action.Continue reading “The Earth Day Movement”

Cancel Culture – Good or Bad?

South Park, the cartoon comedy is no stranger to cancel culture. Some viewers have boycotted the show due to their offensive episodes and others have expressed their outrage on social media and demanded the show be taken off the air. South Park is known to focus on sensitive subjects such as gender, race, sexuality, and religion. The episodeContinue reading “Cancel Culture – Good or Bad?”

The Hidden Agenda of Algorithms

With the use of algorithms, sites like Google, Twitter, and Facebook can use your search history to personalize the information and topics of interest that you read and see daily. Sounds cool, right? This means that whatever you may search on Google, the results and information you see is completely different to any other user,Continue reading “The Hidden Agenda of Algorithms”

The Importance of Intersectionality and Identity

Before this week I was not aware of intersectionality and had never heard of the term being used with social movements. The reading this week on intersectionality highlighted to me where people may be going wrong when forming social justice movements. My definition of intersectionality is that everyone in a group needs to be treated equally andContinue reading “The Importance of Intersectionality and Identity”

Conversations About Race on Social Media

Since 2011, hashtag activism has been picking up speed with participants and supporters on social media raising awareness collectively and expressing solidarity towards political causes via hashtags on a range of social media platforms. When reading #Identity – Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation, I was surprised to hear the history of hashtag activism started withContinue reading “Conversations About Race on Social Media”

The Growth and History of Social Media Movements

This week’s readings have given me a greater insight into the history of activism and how movements were created before digital technology.  One of the readings “Small Change”, an article written by The New Yorker, talks about the differences between traditional activism and modern activism with the use of social media. It opened my eyes to how much detailContinue reading “The Growth and History of Social Media Movements”

My Social Media Footprint

When I searched for myself online, I was surprised to see a Pinterest account under my name, an account which I had completely forgotten about! Thinking back the account was made for a previous class where I had to create a vision board with ideas and subjects that I am passionate about. At first theContinue reading “My Social Media Footprint”

Semester Reflection

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the media production class this semester. I have strengthened my communication skills in many areas, with one of these being my technological skills. The class has taught me how to use different software such as adobe photoshop, final cut pro, and garage band. Through the course, I have developed myContinue reading “Semester Reflection”

KSTM Radio News Podcast

I found the podcast assignment for media production really fun. I have learnt how to use my voice to convey emotion depending on what I am talking about. Also, making a news podcast challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone and to use words that would relate and catch the listeners attention. Overall, thisContinue reading “KSTM Radio News Podcast”

Music Majors Perform Recital at St. Mary’s University

On November 19th, I attended the String Ensemble Recital in Treadaway Hall at St. Mary’s University. The recital featured St. Mary’s music majors, who play the violin, viola and cello. They were joined by special guest Robert Cruhm. Throughout the event, I was live-tweeting the actions that took place. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to theContinue reading “Music Majors Perform Recital at St. Mary’s University”

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