KSTM Radio News Podcast

I found the podcast assignment for media production really fun. I have learnt how to use my voice to convey emotion depending on what I am talking about. Also, making a news podcast challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone and to use words that would relate and catch the listeners attention. Overall, this assignment has encouraged me to be better organized and more creative.

Music Majors Perform Recital at St. Mary’s University

Spring Ensemble Recital

On November 19th, I attended the String Ensemble Recital in Treadaway Hall at St. Mary’s University. The recital featured St. Mary’s music majors, who play the violin, viola and cello. They were joined by special guest Robert Cruhm. Throughout the event, I was live-tweeting the actions that took place. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the compositions and would love to go to another recital performance in the future.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brittney Carden demonstrates how to make one of her favorite recipes, banana chocolate chip cookies. She also talks about her passion for baking and gives some tips and advice for other people to follow.

•1 egg
•1 medium ripe banana
•1/3 cup peanut butter
•1 tbsp melted butter
•3 tbsp sugar
•1/2 tsp vanilla extract
•1/3 cup flour
•1/3 cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C). In a large bowl whisk the egg. Add the banana to the bowl and mash. Then add peanut butter, melted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder, and whisk to combine.

After, add the flour and mix with a wooden spoon. Next, add the chocolate chips and stir again.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Drop cookies onto the paper but make sure to leave enough room in between each one. Bake for 15 minutes or until the cookies are slightly golden brown.

Let rest on baking sheet for a few minutes until cool.


Describing Student Activities Through a Lens

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo 1: Nat, who is sat down to the left, is reading a textbook with a fellow student and discussing the content within the chapter.

Photo 2: The one dressed in a black jumper is Nat, who is meeting up with a friend to discuss class notes together.

Photo 3: Brittney is studying hard to finish her anthropology paper in the commons at St. Mary’s University.

Photo 4: Nat and her friend, who is pictured to the right, are identifying parts of the textbook with which they are struggling to understand.

Photo 5: Gabi, who has just completed an upper body workout, is stretching her shoulder and arm out.

Media Production Class

Here is a picture of the people in my media production class.

Top row from left to right: Michaelangelo Betancourt and Alejandro Beltran Del Rio

Second row from left to right: Norma Espinoza, Sofia Ruescas, and Alyssa

Third row from left to right: Brandon Villarreal, Jonier Gutierrez and Maria Esquivel

Fourth row from left to right: Renee Padilla, Me and Janice Rodriguez

Bottom row from left to right: Victoria Valle, Samantha Schultz and Paul Pruski

Becoming a More Creative Person

After having a long and rested summer break, I am looking forward to a new semester at St. Mary’s University. I am excited to meet new people and to create more amazing memories.

One aspect that I am excited about in this course is being outside my comfort zone. I have had little experience in media production, so it is something completely new for me to learn. Furthermore, I am excited to learn software such as photoshop, because I like to take pictures. Learning it will be fun and interesting, allowing me to edit and improve my pictures in the future.

A challenge that I will face this semester is being organized and having enough time to complete assignments at a high level. Since I am on the tennis team, I need to juggle my school work to fit in with my practices. A strategy that I will enforce is having good time management. I can do this by using a planner to schedule times throughout the day where I can focus and complete my school work.

In the future, I see myself working for a social media company. This course will help me develop my skills for this job, as I will be learning techniques to create multimedia content that is appropriate for the purpose and audience with whom I will be sharing.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at St. Mary’s and will take full advantage of the resources I have to become a more creative person.

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