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Semester Reflection

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the media production class this semester. I have strengthened my communication skills in many areas, with one of these being my technological skills. The class has taught me how to use different software such as adobe photoshop, final cut pro, and garage band. Through the course, I have developed my ability to produce better quality audio clips and videos on final cut pro. I have also learned some of the basics of editing pictures in adobe photoshop.

The class has challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone and see things in a different light. This has improved my visual skills. For example, one of the assignments that I completed required the use of the 5 shot rule when taking video footage. The 5 shot rule requires taking shots from different angles and distances, such as close up of hands, close up of face, over the shoulder shot, head and shoulders shot, and a wide shot. Applying this method made my video footage more interesting and communicated a better story to my audience. For an assignment, I had to time the video footage with audio. This was challenging because I wanted to tell a visual story, but it had to relate to what the interviewee was saying.

Furthermore, media production has developed my interpersonal skills. For some of the assignments, I had to carry out interviews with people. This has taught me a lot, especially with regards to asking appropriate questions and the type of questions to ask to make a story more interesting. Carrying out these assignments has made me more confident in the interviewing process, which will help when I apply for internships and jobs after college.

Overall, developing my communication skills technologically, visually and interpersonally will benefit me for the rest of my time at college but ultimately, I have gained life skills. All of these attributes have improved my creativity and will serve me well not just now but in the future. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for me in my journey.

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