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Becoming a More Creative Person

After having a long and rested summer break, I am looking forward to a new semester at St. Mary’s University. I am excited to meet new people and to create more amazing memories.

One aspect that I am excited about in this course is being outside my comfort zone. I have had little experience in media production, so it is something completely new for me to learn. Furthermore, I am excited to learn software such as photoshop, because I like to take pictures. Learning it will be fun and interesting, allowing me to edit and improve my pictures in the future.

A challenge that I will face this semester is being organized and having enough time to complete assignments at a high level. Since I am on the tennis team, I need to juggle my school work to fit in with my practices. A strategy that I will enforce is having good time management. I can do this by using a planner to schedule times throughout the day where I can focus and complete my school work.

In the future, I see myself working for a social media company. This course will help me develop my skills for this job, as I will be learning techniques to create multimedia content that is appropriate for the purpose and audience with whom I will be sharing.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at St. Mary’s and will take full advantage of the resources I have to become a more creative person.

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